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Sky Broadband & TV Deals

  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • Great deals on Sky Broadband with Sky TV
  • Average of 63Mbps with Sky Fibre Max
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The latest deals on Sky Broadband, TV & Calls

Choose Sky for broadband and you'll get a service that mixes speed and reliability with excellent customer service. You can get 63Mbps on average with Sky Fibre Max, and all the broadband packages provide unlimited monthly usage with an inclusive calls package. Take Sky TV as well and enjoy premium, exclusive content for a great price.

Sky Broadband | Our Review

Sky is renowned for its hugely popular TV service, but it also provides fast, reliable home broadband and fibre. Customers can take advantage of some impressive deals which represent excellent value for money, along with an inclusive calls package for your home landline.

Great value for unlimited broadband

Sky Broadband is the provider’s ADSL option, so it’s not as fast as fibre, but you get a low price and totally unlimited usage.  The average download speed for Sky Broadband is 11Mbps.

The price you see online will include the cost of the landline, and the contract is 12 months. This kind of broadband is ideal for users who don’t demand high-speed downloading, and just want a decent price on their connection. It would take a while to download something like an on-demand HD movie, but it’s fine for emails, social media, music and short video streaming.

Sky Fibre Max

Sky Fibre Max offers 63Mbps average download speeds, and is absolutely ideal for those who stream and download a lot throughout the month.

It's significantly faster than the standard ADSL broadband, allowing you to download a song in seconds, or an HD movie in just a few minutes. You can enjoy seamless streaming of clips, TV shows and films, and it means faster speeds for everyone if you've got multiple devices connected in your home.

It's worth noting that availability of both Sky Broadband and Sky Fibre will depend on location.

Get Sky TV, broadband & calls

Choosing Sky TV with broadband and calls gets you three excellent services under one provider. Aside from being convenient, you’re also getting a very competitive price and premium content thanks to Sky’s exclusive shows, movies and sport.

You can pick and choose the parts of Sky TV that you want, with a base entertainment pack available alongside options like HD, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Sky Multiroom. You’ll also have Sky Talk for inclusive home calls, and your broadband or fibre package for unlimited usage at home.

Sky broadband highlights

  • 63Mbps on average with Sky Fibre Max
  • Unlimited broadband usage every month
  • Sky Talk for inclusive home calls
  • Competitive monthly price which includes line rental
  • Exclusive content when you take Sky TV

Broadband tips & guides

  • Do I need a static IP address?

    The benefits of having an IP address that doesn't change include being able to run a server or host a site.

  • What is unlimited broadband?

    Use the internet as much as you like without having to worry about a data cap. 

  • What is MiFi?

    This incredibly handy device gives you access to fast, reliable broadband anywhere and at anytime.


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