Plusnet Broadband review: Is it worth switching?

Plusnet’s customer service is second-to-none.

Plusnet is renowned for having some of the best customer service in the world of UK broadband suppliers. In our review, we go through the products they have to offer, broadband extras and what makes people rave about their customer support. 

Plusnet's broadband subscription options

See below for all the broadband deals Plusnet has to offer: 

12-month contracts:

Unlimited Broadband - £18.99 a month

  • Average download speed: 10Mb
  • 12-month contract
  • For everyday browsing and emails

Unlimited Fibre - £22.99 a month

  • Average download speed: 36Mb
  • 12-month contract
  • For streaming, downloading and gaming

Unlimited Fibre Extra - £24.99 a month

  • Average download speed: 66Mb
  • 12-month contract
  • Fastest product Plusnet has to offer

18-month contracts:

Unlimited Broadband - £19.99 a month

  • Average download speed: 10Mb
  • 18-month contract
  • £5 activation fee
  • For everyday browsing and emails

Unlimited Fibre - £23.99 a month

  • Average download speed: 36Mb
  • 18-month contract
  • £10 activation fee
  • For streaming, downloading and gaming

Unlimited Fibre Extra - £26.99 a month

  • Average download speed: 66Mb
  • 18-month contract
  • £10 activation fee
  • Fastest product Plusnet has to offer

All offers are correct as of 15/09/2021.

Plusnet’s broadband extras

  • 2GB extra on SIM Only deals

If you are already a SIM Only customer with Plusnet, when you take out broadband with them you’ll be entitled to an extra 2Gb of data on your mobile plan.

  • Reduced BT Sports subscription

If you’re a Plusnet broadband customer you’ll have the choice to take out a BT Sport subscription at a reduced rate.

  • Plusnet Protect & Plusnet Safeguard

Plusnet Protect and Plusnet Safeguard are available with all deals to keep you and your family safe online. Powered by McAfee, Plusnet Protect gives your peace of mind when surfing the internet, stopping viruses, malware and other harmful content. What’s more, you can install Plusnet Protect on up to seven Windows devices! 

Plusnet Safeguard allows you to block content, gambling, social media and violent images, while also giving you the option to set browsing limits for your children. 

  • Unique call features

Included with broadband deals:

Call protect - Send spam callers straight to junk voicemail
Call barring - Block calls from your phone to expensive numbers

Plusnet customer service

In terms of customer service and support, you won’t find any better than Plusnet on the broadband market right now. 

Plusnet scored 81% in the “satisfaction with service overall” category in Ofcom’s 2021 service report - an extremely impressive feat considering stellar broadband companies and household names such as Sky and BT achieved a still-impressive score of 80%. 

With a well-detailed Help & Support page and plenty of articles to help customers solve issues, it’s of no surprise Plusnet are known for great customer support. If you can’t find the answer to your question on Plusnet’s help page, you can pick up the phone and call the support lines that are open 7 days a week. 

Plusnet contact number

If you want to get in touch with Plusnet but can’t find its contact telephone number, see below: 

Plusnet’s customer service number: 0800 432 0200

Plusnet’s UK-based customer support lines are open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, 9am-7pm Saturday and 9am-6pm Sunday.

What network does Plusnet use?

Plusnet uses the Openreach network, which is the same network other broadband providers like BT, Sky and EE use. While the services and prices may differ between each provider, the network (your internet) will always remain the same. That’s why you’ll get the same internet speed no matter which provider you go with, because they are selling you the exact same product. 

While the Openreach network is the most widely used network in the UK, there are other providers, such as Virgin Media, who do not use it, and will provide a completely different service using their own network. 

I want to switch to Plusnet, how does it work?

Visit our Plusnet deals page, find the deal you want, click 'See deal' and then 'Start your order'

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