What is Sky Connect? Our guide to Sky broadband for business

Sky's new business broadband, Sky Connect, is here. Here's everything you need to know.

Sky Connect is Sky’s new business broadband service, allowing small businesses to get connected with better broadband and a more reliable service than other business services. With small businesses leading the way as part of the UK’s COVID recovery, it’s more important than ever for them to get connected, with Sky leading the way. With our handy guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about this new generation of business broadband.

What is Sky Connect?

Following its success with residential broadband (which currently has over 6 million customers), Sky has branched out to provide its own brand of business broadband. Sky’s aim is to bring a high level of quality to the business broadband world, with professional installation and features such as a 30-day money back guarantee, no in-contract price rises and no cancellation fees.

How does Sky Connect work?

Sky Connect aims to ensure a solid, industry-leading business broadband connection with a focus on customer feedback. Sky gathered feedback from hundreds of small businesses across the UK for the things they like and dislike about their current provider. Because of this, Sky Connect is a business broadband service tailored directly for the customer.

With its Connection Pro system, Sky Connect has a business-grade 4G backup for the event of your broadband connection going down, meaning you’ll always have your employees or customers connected. Sky Connect has three broadband tiers: Advantage, Advantage Pro and Advantage Max. All three feature speeds of up to 76Mbps with unlimited downloads, as well as phishing and malware connection, with the Pro and Max variations carrying the 4G backup. 

Can I get a phone with Sky Connect?

Sky Connect comes with a digital phone service known as VoiceEdge. Sky calls this the most feature-rich phone service for small businesses, and with features such as sequential ringing and hunt groups that always find the right person the customer is looking for,  multiple forwarding options and the ability to work where you want with Voice Hub.

Privacy and security is another area where Sky Connect excels, with anonymous call rejection from ID-blocked numbers and call barring that allows you to block calls from specific types of number that may incur a higher cost.

How much does Sky business cost?

Sky Connect features three different products with three different price points. Advantage will cost you £19.50 a month for the first six months, then £39 thereafter. Pro and Max will cost you £55 and £95 a month respectively, with all three on a 24 month contract. As a Sky Connect customer, you can enjoy a two-year price fix on your broadband subscription, meaning it won’t increase suddenly in the middle of your contract. This is ideal for businesses, as you won’t have to mitigate for any price rises when setting up your budget for the year.

Can I get a Sky Connect discount with Sky TV?

Currently, existing Sky broadband and TV customers aren’t able to get a discount on Sky Connect. However, Sky has made switching to Sky Connect from your current business broadband easier than ever. Simply choose the subscription you want to switch to, and let Sky’s engineers do the rest.

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