Black Friday 2022: Our pick of the best broadband deals

Take a look at our pick of Black Friday’s broadband offers.

Black Friday - can you really save?

The short answer is yes. You have to be a bit savvy because spending money on something you weren’t going to get in the first place is not saving money.

However, broadband is a great place to look for ways to cut costs. As long as you’re actually free to switch provider then you can bag a brilliant deal on broadband this Black Friday.

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Black Friday Sky Broadband deals

We have found some eye-catching offers and savings on Sky Broadband this Black Friday. You can click on these deals and head straight to the Sky page or, once again, you can give us a call on 0330 123 1785.

Sky Superfast Fibre 35 - Save 35%

This is an 18-month contract with a really good saving of 35% on out-of-contract price.

Sky Superfast Fibre 35 deal

                                                          See this deal

Sky Superfast Fibre 80 - Save 30%

Boost your home fibre speed with Sky Superfast 80, ideal for busy homes with lots of downloading.

Sky Superfast Fibre 80 deal

                                                          See this deal

Sky Stream + Superfast Fibre 80 - Save 40%

Sky Stream is Sky’s latest innovation, bringing you all the premium and exclusive entertainment of Sky, but without the dish. You can get a great price on Sky Stream together with Sky Superfast 80 over Black Friday.

Sky Stream and Sky Superfast Fibre 80 deal

                                                             See this deal

Black Friday BT deals

BT Fibre 2 - Save 50% for 6 months

This deal on BT is well worth a look, offering 50% off the out-of-contract price. You get half-price Fibre 2 for 6 months, and there’s a £110 Mastercard Gift Card included (terms apply).

BT Fibre 2 deal

                                                          See this deal

These deals are our pick of the bunch, but you can find more when you take a look at our broadband deals page.

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