Underground infrastructures could be used in rollout of gigabit broadband

Using pipes, ducts and tunnels could significantly reduce the costs involved.

The UK government is reportedly considering allowing internet service providers (ISPs) to use existing infrastructures in the rollout of gigabit broadband. 

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has proposed opening up more than 600,000 miles of ducts, pipes and tunnels across the country which are owned by water, sewage, gas and electricity companies. 

Poles, masts, utility ducts, manholes and cabinets which are owned by other telecommunication companies would also be made available for wider use. 

About 80% of the cost of installing new broadband lines comes from having to lay new ducts and poles so the use of existing infrastructure could cut costs dramatically. 

It would also significantly reduce the disruption to the public as there’s no need to dig up paths and roads to lay cable. 

“Sharing the existing infrastructure of other telecoms and utilities has the potential to increase the speed and lower the cost of improving both fixed and mobile networks dramatically,” said Matt Warman, Minister for Digital Infrastructure. 

“It makes both economic and common sense for firms rolling out gigabit broadband to make use of the infrastructure that already exists across the country.”

There’s no set date for these changes to be implemented but consumers shouldn’t expect to see them until next year at the earliest. 

Source: Daily Mail

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