Hyperoptic is offering new customers 9 months free broadband

Hyperoptic could save consumers over £160, it says. 

Hyperoptic are tempting customers away from their current internet service provider (ISP) by offering them 9 months of free internet access. 

While many would have to pay exit fees to leave their current provider, not having to pay for broadband for 9 months would certainly more than offset the cost. 

Hyperoptic has also promised not to put the price of its services up during the term of the new deal, so customers will not have to worry about paying more during the duration of the contract. 

Some exit fees are as high as £152 (such as for BT) to leave a contract early, but monthly fees cost around £35 per month, amounting to £315 over nine months. If a customer were to leave BT, pay the exit fees and join Hyperoptic, they would save £162 over the course of nine months. 

However, Hyperoptic are not exactly widespread across the UK, but its infrastructure is slowly improving but is a long way off covering as much ground as the Openreach Network does. 

Hyperoptic CEO Dana Tobak said: “This is a ground-breaking move, unprecedented in the world of broadband, but people all across the UK need this support right now. We honestly believe that it’s the right of every household in the country to have fast, reliable, and affordable broadband.

“No one should be held captive by a contract for an overpriced, underwhelming service. That’s why we’re offering Hyperoptic’s full fibre broadband free, helping people switch immediately to avoid massive price rises and make significant savings – typically as much as £160, but often a lot more.”

Source: Express

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