NOW release Full Fibre 100 powered by Sky

NOW’s first full fibre broadband offering.

NOW Broadband has released a new offering in their line of services, Full Fibre 100 powered by Sky.

It utilised full-fibre to deliver these speeds, with full-fibre being the UK’s latest and most reliable broadband technology.

NOW powered by Sky offers its fastest-ever speeds, with the Full Fibre 100 package delivering 100-108Mbps estimated download speed with a 90Mbps minimum speed guarantee. It also features 18-19Mbps estimated upload speed.

NOW utilises Sky’s broadband network to offer these speeds and package, hence the new powered by Sky labelling.

NOW Broadband – Now with full-fibre

The new NOW Full Fibre 100 powered by Sky offering is NOW’s first venture into full-fibre broadband, having previously only offered standard fibre options only.

What they offered prior to Full Fibre 100 powered by Sky package is affordable broadband that is widely available to over 97% of the UK.

It delivered superfast speeds ranging from 11Mbps to 63Mbps (average download speed) and cost between £20 to £24.

With this new Full Fibre 100 powered by Sky package, they have delved into the latest broadband technology (FTTP), delivering ultrafast full-fibre with the speeds detailed earlier (100Mbps average download). It also features wall-to-wall WiFi Guarantee, which promises WiFi in every room of your home.

Full Fibre technology is still being rolled out across the UK but is now available in more than half of the premises in the UK.

If you decide to opt for any full-fibre package but don’t currently have full-fibre installed in your home, an engineer will be needed to install the connection in your home.

NOW Full Fibre 100 powered by Sky

The new NOW Full Fibre 100 powered by Sky is available to purchase now, and you can find a great deal on the service here on Broadband Finder.

You can get your package now for £24 a month* on an 18-month contract plus a £10 upfront fee.

*Note: Prices may change during contract.

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