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About our Broadband Speed Test

If you have ever wondered ‘what’s my broadband speed?’ then this is the tool for you.

With the Broadband Finder Speed Test, we can give you a more accurate idea of how fast your broadband is operating at and we measure both download and upload speed. You’ll be able to see if you’re getting the most out of your broadband package, and you can take the test at various times of day to see if there is a difference. So if you want to check your internet speed at 3am and compare it to what it’s like at 6pm, you can.

Your broadband speed has a direct impact on the type of services you can enjoy. For example, if you like using services such as BBC iPlayer, testing your speed can help you optimise your viewing experience. If you have a relatively slow connection, you could watch lower resolution versions of your favourite series.

If you choose fibre-optic broadband, then the advanced technology used means that you are much more likely to get closer to the maximum possible speed. The connection will also be both more consistent and more reliable.

Copper-based broadband, or ADSL, is cheaper but also slower, and much more likely to be affected by external factors such as local web traffic and location.

You’ll also find that different packages offer different maximum speeds, even if it’s the same type of broadband. You can sometimes pay a higher monthly fee, and you’ll be given a quicker package, but you still need to be able to achieve the speeds in your area.

A broadband speed check can help you to see if you’re getting the best possible service from your provider. So if you think that your internet speed is a bit pedestrian, you can shop around for another deal.

Simply type your details into the form above, including your postcode, and the speed checker will do the rest.

Once you've checked your speed, you can use our comprehensive online tools to compare broadband and see the latest and best offers from leading UK providers.

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