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20-24Mb Broadband Deals

If you’re looking at deals offering up to 20-24Mb, then it will probably be ADSL broadband. This copper-based technology utilises the phone line, and can provide enough speed for casual web browsing. Customers should be aware that with this kind of broadband, external factors can play a major part in actual broadband speed. You are unlikely to reach the maximum speed regularly, if at all, but at the same time, this kind of broadband comes very cheap. You do get very good value from ADSL broadband, and if you just stream the odd YouTube video, or don’t mind how long it takes to download songs, then under 24Mb broadband speed should be fine. You might end up with something closer to 10Mb on average, but it varies depending on location, distance from the exchange and local web traffic.

You will find plenty of deals promoting up to 20Mb or 24Mb, and there is usually the option to take unlimited downloads, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of download limit. You can also take most broadband deals with home phone included, with TV available from some providers, so it’s worth seeing if a bundle deal might suit you.

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