Boost Your Broadband Speed

Faster broadband is nice. We were reliably informed of this by the village elders.

If you want to get a bit more from your home broadband speed then there are a few tricks and tips to follow which should help. Remember that some providers offer faster maximum speeds than others, so compare broadband packages to look for something faster.

Encrypt your Wi-Fi

Your Wi-Fi connection can be used by other people in the near vicinity; all they would have to do is get their computer or laptop to scan for Wi-Fi signals, and once yours is picked up then they can get a share of your broadband connection. Besides being pretty cheeky, this will also hinder your speeds, so set up a password to avoid this happening. You can do this in your wireless settings.

Download off-peak

When you are downloading movies or music, you don’t necessarily have to be awake! Quieter periods, such as midnight and after, will be significantly faster because less people are using broadband in the area.

Off-peak downloading is therefore much quicker, and the same goes for quieter periods in the daytime, such as early morning. If you are definitely not an early bird then this might not suit you, but browsing the web will certainly be faster at this time.

Plug in

Using wireless can sometimes be slower than actually connecting directly to the router with the Ethernet cable. If you have a fast connection anyway then the difference might not be noticeable, but it’s worth a try. Try not to have objects in the way, and if you prefer wireless then sit a little closer to the router as this can also help.

Change your browser

You may find that your browser is holding you back, and a lot of people use Internet Explorer simply because it comes as part of the package installed on their PC. The very latest version may show improvements, and you can download this from the web, or you could try an alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox.

You could be surprised by the difference, but seek advice before you start fiddling with the actual settings of any browser.

Buy a better router

Any free router offered by your provider is unlikely to be the latest or greatest on the market, so investing in a new one could give you much better signal, and therefore speed. You may also find that there are extra features, such as gaming ports.

Ask your broadband provider

You can always talk to your provider about a faster broadband deal. If you are already on the fastest connection then this won’t do any good, but if there is room for an upgrade then see if they can offer you a good deal.

If your contract minimum term has expired then phone your provider, saying that you’re thinking of cancelling, and they might offer you something faster in an attempt to retain you. Customer retention is standard practice in the industry, as each provider wants to keep you on-board.

Compare and switch

Compare broadband deals and you will have the best chance of finding a fast service for a good price. There’s no point sticking with the same service for the sake of it; it’s easy to switch and it’s a tried and tested way to save money. Wait until your minimum contract term has expired and then shop around!

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