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What is a broadband and TV bundle?

Providers offering both digital TV and internet will offer a bundle broadband and TV deal, which means you get both services together, often for a price that is better than paying for them separately. Using one provider for both services is also a lot more convenient because you only have to deal with one company. The term ‘bundle’ refers to bundling services together, making things easier for you.

What are the benefits of broadband with TV?

With both services in place, you benefit from only dealing with one provider which many find particularly convenient. If you have broadband and TV from different providers, then you are faced with added paperwork and added hassle if something goes wrong or you need some assistance. There is also a financial benefit; the providers will want to offer you an attractive deal so that you pick them over the many other competitors.

The digital TV and broadband markets are fierce, but this is great for you because it forces competitive pricing. So with broadband and TV, you should be able to get a deal that saves you money. Digital TV and broadband are both very popular products and services for the home, but everyone wants to save money if they can, and getting a bundle deal can do this. Check out the different deals available, and you can include a home phone service in the bundle when you compare broadband, TV and phone.

Who offers the broadband and TV bundles?

Whilst broadband is offered by several different providers, a digital TV combo deal is only available from a few – Sky, Virgin Media, BT and TalkTalk. These providers all offer something a bit different in terms of their TV packages and their broadband. With Sky you are getting a satellite broadcaster renowned for its extensive TV service and wide range of channels, making it the UK market leader in subscription-based digital TV.

Exclusive sports coverage and premium movie content are a huge draw for customers, whilst the broadband can be fast, but not the fastest on the market because it is achieved through a phone line instead of fibre-optic cable. Virgin Media also offers a wide range of channels, and also provides the option of some premium Sky content as well. Whilst the TV is comprehensive, the most impressive aspect of the service is the capability of superfast broadband.

Virgin Media is a keen innovator of superfast broadband, and is offering the fastest broadband available commercially in the UK. BT Vision offers the core channels available on Freeview, but the on demand content is very comprehensive. You can download movies, music videos and sport highlights through a BT Broadband connection and watch when you like. Like Virgin Media, BT Vision is utilising fibre-optic cable for broadband so superfast speeds are available in many areas.

What details should I look out for?

You should consider the range of channels with the TV service, so if you are a dedicated sports and movies fan then you will want to look for something that offers plenty of this content. If you’re not so fussed about TV then something with the basic channels would be more suitable. Check for broadband speeds and download allowance; if you download a lot then you will want something with uncapped downloads, but remember some providers still ask you to abide by the fair usage policy.

As providers have different methods of supplying broadband, you will find some very different maximum speeds on offer. Look out for the cost of installation, as this can sometimes be added as you get to the checkout, so the initial cost you see on-screen may not be accurate.

The same goes for set-top box cost, and in some cases you can pay a little extra for a more advanced set-top box, as some boast extra features that improve your viewing experience. The cost of your landline will be a factor, with some proving cheaper than others, and you should also make sure you are aware of the contract minimum term.

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