Moving home - Stick or switch broadband

Your chief concern when you move will be your broadband provider. We understand this.

If you’re moving house, then most broadband providers will do their best to make moving your broadband as easy as possible… after all, they don’t want to lose you as a customer!

Keeping your current broadband

Sticking with your current provider is certainly the easiest option, although it is always good to compare broadband so you can see if a better deal is out there for you.

If you are still within the original contract period you will have little choice but to stick with the same provider anyway, unless you fancy a hefty ‘early release’ charge or something similar. The best thing to do is contact them and find out the situation.

If your contract is up anyway then they will always try to keep you as a customer, so you have the upper hand and you might be able to get a good deal or a discount at the same time as organising the move.

Firstly, say you are thinking of cancelling and see what they offer, but if your contract still has time to run then your hands are somewhat tied. Assuming you are happy with the service then tell the provider and they will organise moving your service. Don’t forget that there is a chance your provider may not operate in the area of your new home, so check this.

Switching broadband provider

Moving home can give you a good reason to reconsider your current broadband package. The broadband providers all offer competitive deals, with options and allowances to suit different needs. You may find the one you still have is the best, but shopping around certainly can’t hurt.

The market is so competitive that you are likely to find some good deals that rival the one already in place. Once again, you must ensure that your contract is up with your current provider, otherwise you could be looking at a charge, and the provider would be within its rights to do so.

However, if your minimum term is up then you can start considering other options. If you do want to switch broadband provider, it’s a good idea to go online.

Comparison tools such as the one on Broadband Finder will give you all the relevant details in a user-friendly and concise format so it’s easy to check out the packages and deals available.

Seeing as you are moving house, you will obviously want to arrange the installation for after you have moved in! Once you have found the right deal, you can contact the provider to ensure that the date is suitable. You will have plenty to do as you settle into your new home, but the engineers sent by the new provider should handle everything broadband-related!

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