Sky Glass: Introducing the brand-new streaming TV from Sky

Sky's latest addition is finally here. 

On 18th October 2021, Sky will release Sky Glass, the brand-new streaming television from Sky. 

The Sky Glass TV is the only TV with Sky built into it, removing all the fuss of a box and tangled wires. It can also work entirely on your home WiFi network - no satellite dish is needed. 

How much is Sky Glass?

Sky has stated that while they wanted to make an innovative product to replace the television setups of old, keeping the cost to an affordable level was one of the key aims. In total there will be three Sky Glass TV products, a 43”, and 55” and a 65”. See below for how much each television will set you back outright. 

  • 43” £649 
  • 55” £849 
  • 65” £1049

Sky has decided to release a mobile-like subscription alongside Sky Glass. Below are the monthly costs of each television. 

  • 43” £13 a month
  • 55” £17 a month
  • 65” £21 a month 

Sky has mentioned that subscriptions with the TV start at £39 a month, so we presume this is the base price from which you’ll be able to customise and build your own Sky Glass plan. Sky’s special event did also mention that for an extra £10 a month you can add a Sky puck to help extend the content of Sky Glass throughout your home. 

Sky is also giving its customers the option to sign up to its swap system, allowing people to swap out older Sky Glass TVs for newer models as they are released, exactly like the smartphone industry.

How is Sky Glass adhering to environmental issues? 

Sky is the first media company to commit to being completely carbon emission free by 2030, with Sky’s most recent release, Sky Glass, the first television to be carbon neutral

The Sky Glass television product will reduce electricity consumption by up to 50% of a regular television, while also being delivered free of charge to your front door in 100% recyclable packaging. 

Sky Glass key features 

With over a billion colours in HD, Sky Glass is the first-ever 4k QLED TV with all the content you’ll ever want built into it. Let’s see the key features of Sky’s exciting new product. 

Unparalleled sound

Sky really is removing the need for any excess boxes, wires and soundbars with Sky Glass. 

The incredible sound of Dolby Atmos 360 is built into the Sky Glass TV, transforming your home of family entertainment into so much more than just a living room with a television in it. Experiencing all your favourite content in the highest video quality possible is one thing, but doing it with cinema-level sound is another thing altogether. 

Sky Playlist

With so much of our favourite content spread over the plethora of streaming services we are spoiled with today, Sky created Sky Playlist, a feature exclusive to Sky Glass that puts all of your most-watched and most-anticipated content in one place. 

You can choose which of your favourite tv shows is added to your Playlist, whether one show is from Netflix and the other is from Disney+. Playlist acts as a sole, central location for the programmes you know and love, and selecting a programme on the Playlist will take you to its respective app with just one click. 

A vast range of colour

The Sky Glass TV comes in a huge range of colours - black, white, pink, green and blue. Each colour also comes with its own coloured remote and TV stand should you wish to have everything looking similar. 

There is also the option to have your Sky Glass TV on your wall, and when not in use, it can look like a framed piece of art with all of Sky’s customisable backgrounds available for you to choose as screensavers. 

Glow in the dark and simplified remote

The Sky Glass remote will not only match the desired colour of your TV, but it will also light up and glow when used in a dark room, while being made with far fewer buttons to add to the simplicity and no-fuss theme Sky Glass has to offer. 

If you’re late to a live TV show, don’t worry. At the press of a button you’ll be able to put it right back to the start, too. 

Voice activation

All of the features and content on Sky Glass are fully operational using voice activation. Finally sat down after a long day and your remote is nowhere to be seen? Just say the world and Sky Glass will follow. 

Sky Glass is available to customers on 18th October 2021.  

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