What are the new ASA regulations for broadband speed?

Confused by the changes in broadband speeds? Our guide gives you the full rundown of the new guidelines.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has recently changed its rules around the way broadband speed can be shown. Whilst this won’t affect the majority of broadband buyers and users, it could potentially be confusing. Here’s the complete guide to what you need to know when using Broadband Finder to shop for a new package.

What are the new ASA rules?

Previously, you’d see broadband speeds described as “up to”, meaning that the shown speed is the maximum you can expect, but not necessarily the one you experience at all times. The new ASA rules mean that advertised broadband speed has to be available to at least 50% of customers during peak times, making the shown speed an average. 

Previously, the “up to” speed only had to be available to 10% of customers in order to be advertised, making it potentially misleading when researching broadband speeds.

Why are they being implemented?

These measures are being taken in order to provide broadband customers with a well-rounded view of the speed they can expect from their broadband package. With the new advertised speeds, customers buying broadband online will have a better idea of what they’re getting and can make a more informed decision when purchasing. 

Now, when browsing broadband packages, you’ll see an “Average Speed” which is more representative of what you’ll receive when you get broadband installed in your home.

When are they being put in place?

The new rules took effect on May 23rd, 2018, meaning that you’ll now see the full implementation in all online broadband listings.

Which providers does this concern?

All UK broadband providers have to adhere to the new guidelines, meaning you’ll see the changes no matter which broadband package you’re interested in signing up to. 

How will this affect my broadband?

If you’re already a broadband subscriber, nothing will change on your end. You’ll still get the same speed with your package that you got when you signed up. If you’re buying a new broadband package, you’ll the new speed descriptions from May 23rd and be able to make a decision based on them.

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