What is Sky Business? Our guide to Sky Broadband for business

Here are the important things to know about Sky Business Broadband.

What is Sky Business?

Sky Business is the new name behind the company’s business broadband, allowing companies of all sizes to get and stay connected with a strong and reliable connection.

Formerly known as Sky Connect, Sky Business offers superfast fibre and full-fibre broadband capable of hosting multiple devices with heavy usage - exactly what any business needs to thrive.

Sky aims to bring a high level of quality to the business broadband world, with professional installation and features such as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What happened to Sky Connect?

Nothing has happened to Sky Connect except a rename. Look at it this way; Sky Business is the same product as before, only updated.

Sky Business was introduced in 2021 as Sky Connect to help small businesses get better and more reliable broadband.

The reason for their targeting of small businesses was because they led the nation's economic recovery during the COVID pandemic, and as such, Sky believed they deserved better.

In 2023, Sky brought together Sky Connect and Sky Business TV into one service, making Sky Business. 

How does Sky Business work?

Sky Business Broadband is powered using the Openreach network, the same as with their home broadband.

It runs off advanced WiFi technology supplied by a WiFi 6 hub that is capable of keeping up to 100 devices connected.

Each package option also provides excellent cybersecurity including SecurityEdge, which offers advanced protection and reporting for malware, phishing and botnets.

Sky Business comes with several benefits that make its broadband one of the best among its competitors, the key ones of which being Speed Flex and 4G backup.

Speed Flex up to 900Mbps

Speed Flex allows you to choose how much speed is available to use whenever you’d like to do so. You are able to change the speed up and down when you need it most up to either 300Mbps, 500Mbps or 900Mbps.

Speed Flex is available as an add-on to the Pro and Plus packages.

4G backup with Stay Connected Guarantee

You can have the peace of mind of a constant connection with Sky Businesses' ultra-reliable 4G backup, which works as a backstop if your connection drops out. 

When a dropout is noticed by the router, it will automatically employ the 4G backup, keeping you and all connected devices online.

The Stay Connected Guarantee that is associated with the 4G backup will provide any affected customer with a one-off £25 credit to their account should the 4G backup not be active within 30 seconds of a reported broadband outage.

Guest WiFi

For any guests who are visiting your business, you can provide them with WiFi but without the hassle of a form.

It has a simple password protection, as any WiFi does, and the guests’ devices won’t affect the devices already connected too much.

Can I get a phone with Sky Business?

Can I get a phone with Sky Business?

Another extra from Sky Business is a phone line connected to the broadband with features that allow for ease and automation of calls to the business.

The phone line comes with unlimited UK calls and up to four digital phone lines that come with a certain number of voice features. 

Each package comes with a phone line but with only one offering two digital phone lines as standard. You are able to upgrade to the maximum of four for an added monthly cost.

From an app on your phone, you can control the various digital phone services available to you which include call forwarding, call management, call barring and privacy.

These services can come with several options that you can turn on and off that can help ease the calling process, such as call barring that allows you to turn on or off high-cost or international calls.

Not all these services are available with each package, however. The base package doesn't feature all the same services as the highest-level package, so you’ll want to compare the different packages before deciding which one is best for your needs.

Sky Business customer service

Sky has a solid reputation for customer service, and fortunately, this translates over to Sky Business.

The premium price tag that comes along with Sky Business comes with the brilliant extra services available above as well as stellar customer service that is on hand to help any time they are needed.

When signing up, you will have a dedicated account manager who will help you every step of the way, ensuring you have everything that you will need for your business or assist you in switching from your previous contract.

Once set up, you can get support any time you need it as their support team is available and ready to help 24/7.

Sky Business contact number

Sky Business contact number

The phone number to call for Sky Business is 0333 043 2394

As ever, with their multitude of services, Sky has many contact numbers you can use to speak with someone.

Here at Broadband Finder, we are on hand to assist. We have a handy Sky contact number guide that lists the numbers you’ll need for Sky, and each will take you to a member of our helpful call centre team, all of whom happen to be Sky experts.

They will be able to help give you details on the available packages, as well as get you set up with the package you need.

Sky Business packages

There are three packages to choose from, each ranging in speed, services and price. The three packages are; Essential, Pro and Plus.

Each package comes with the choice of contract length, with the choice of either 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. It will work out cheaper each month for a longer-term contract. Online at Broadband Finder, we only have 24-month contracts available.


12 months = £29.95 a month | 24 months = £27.95 a month | 36 months = £27.95 a month

Essential is the base package with the lowest speeds on fibre broadband and has the least services, but it is available at the lowest price. Here’s what’s included with the Essential package:

  • Up to 76Mbps download & 19Mbps upload speeds
  • One digital phone line with 12 voice features
  • Standard cybersecurity
  • Guest WiFi

The Essential package does not come with 4G backup or Speed Flex, but you can add features such as Security Edge, International Calls and Static IP for an extra cost each month.


12 months = £39.95 a month | 24 months = £37.95 a month | 36 months = £37.95 a month

Pro is the middle tier package, upgrading for more services and faster available speeds. It boasts full-fibre broadband with ultrafast speeds. Here’s what you get with this package:

  • Up to 150Mbps download & 28Mbps upload speeds
  • Speed Flex
  • 4G backup
  • One digital phone line with 16 voice features
  • Standard cybersecurity
  • Guest WiFi

Like on the Essential package, you can upgrade the security to add Security Edge to your package, plus the other add-on features listed.

One thing you can get starting from the Pro package is extra call services, which include call forwarding features.


12 months = £49.95 a month | 24 months = £47.95 a month | 36 months = £47.95 a month

The top of the Sky Business range, the Plus package brings the most features with unrivalled speeds. Here’s everything included:

  • Up to 500Mbps download and 60Mbps upload speeds
  • Speed Flex
  • 4G backup
  • Two digital phone lines with 22 voice features
  • Advanced SecurityEdge
  • Guest WiFi

Aside from the high speeds, the benefits of the Plus package are the two digital phone lines as standard with more voice features than the other two packages, including expert call management that allows you to direct callers to the right person and features three-way calling.

The Advanced SecurityEdge cybersecurity as a standard is also a big positive.

Sky Business cost

Sky Business cost

As mentioned earlier, Sky Business is a slight premium compared to other business broadband offerings, although for good reason and it has some of the best features available.

Here is how much each package costs on Broadband Finder:

  • Essential – £27.95
  • Pro – £37.95
  • Plus – £47.95

Each one comes with a £12 one-off upfront cost for delivery, and depending on the package chosen and availability in your building, there may be a £99 Openreach installation charge should an engineer need to be called out and work need to be done.

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