Sky Broadband launches new Full Fibre 100 offering

Another addition to their great line of broadband.

On the 18th of October, Sky launched their latest offering in their line of brilliant broadband, introducing customers new and old to Full Fibre 100.

It becomes their base full-fibre package, superseding Sky Ultrafast for that honour. 

It offers average download speeds of 100Mbps with a minimum speed guarantee of 90Mbps, so you are sure to get as much if not everything out of it at all times.

This new package offering also rivals that of their top competitors such as BT and Virgin Media, who were already offering full-fibre services with around 100Mbps speeds.

Sky Full Fibre 100 vs competitors

Sky Full Fibre 100 replaces Sky Ultrafast as the baseline full-fibre offering, which means that Sky actually has two packages available that are of similar speeds.

Full Fibre 100 offers average speeds of 100Mbps while Ultrafast is slightly higher with 150Mbps.

The difference between the two is that Full Fibre 100 is offered full-fibre as standard while Ultrafast if it’s available where you live. If not, it will use other fibre technologies instead.

BT Broadband actually has a package also named Full Fibre 100; however, theirs offers slightly higher speeds - it’s 150Mbps compared to 100Mbps. Similar to Sky, this one is offered as full-fibre but also has a Fibre 100 offering that is not full-fibre.

Virgin Media also have a similar package with M125, which offers 132Mbps. It was previously M100 offering 100Mbps, but they boosted it to provide the extra 32Mbps.

Here is a breakdown of the three packages with speeds and prices per month:

Product Average speed Cost p/m
Sky Full Fibre 100 100Mbps £38
BT Full Fibre 100 150Mbps £37.99
Virgin Media M125 132Mbps £26.50

Who has access to Sky Full Fibre 100?

Sky Full Fibre 100 does use the latest full-fibre technology which isn’t widely available in the UK yet.

There is currently a rollout going on that is stated to see FTTP connections - that’s fibre-to-the-premises, which is what offers full-fibre - available in 25 million homes and businesses across the UK by December 2026.

We previously reported in August that the UK coverage of FTTP is now at 54% and rising steadily, with the percentage going up by one per cent roughly every 30 days (more or less depending on circumstances).

You can check if you have access to full-fibre now on the Openreach website. Openreach is the company that builds and runs the nation’s network, with almost all broadband providers using an Openreach connection.

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