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BT Fibre Deals

  • Get average 67Mbps with Superfast Fibre 2
  • Option of unlimited monthly usage
  • Includes BT Smart Hub

Get fast, unlimited home broadband with BT Superfast Fibre

BT Superfast Fibre delivers home broadband that’s both quick and reliable. BT Superfast Fibre customers can enjoy faster speeds than standard ADSL broadband at competitive prices that you can bundle together with BT TV and Phone services.

Quick home broadband with BT Superfast Fibre

With BT Superfast Fibre there are two tiers of maximum broadband speed available, allowing you to choose the best option for your requirements. Whether you’re big into downloading games and music or streaming the latest Netflix show in 4K, BT Superfast Fibre is an ideal choice for home broadband.

Fibre-optic home connection

BT Superfast Fibre works on a fibre-optic connection, allowing it to be connected directly to your home rather than a cabinet in your area. This means that anything you do online will be done faster with a fibre-optic connection, creating a better browsing and downloading experience. 

Getting fibre-optic broadband is essential for anyone who does a lot of downloading or those who live with a number of different internet users. Households with lots of smart devices could find BT Superfast Fibre invaluable.

Fast download speed

BT Superfast Fibre features a range of broadband speeds suitable for many different broadband uses. Customers can choose from packages with either 50Mbps or 67Mbps average speeds. Both of these speeds will allow you to download or stream content online much faster than standard ADSL broadband.

Which one you choose will be entirely down to your needs. If you live in a busy online household or do a lot of downloading or online gaming, BT Superfast Fibre 2, with an average 67Mbps, will ensure that you have enough bandwidth to get everything done at the same time, and you won’t have to worry about slow down during peak times.

Service availability

BT Superfast Fibre availability has improved year-on-year and is now available in the majority of the UK. If you live in a particularly remote area, you may find that you can’t get connected yet, but this is increasingly rara thanks to BT’s rollout of fibre services.

If you live in a city or town, it’s very likely that you’ll be able to get BT Infinity, as BT’s network almost ubiquitous throughout the UK. You’ll be able to find out if BT Superfast Fibre is available in your area before you buy.

Unlimited monthly downloads

Most BT Superfast Fibre packages feature unlimited downloads, meaning you won’t have to worry about going over a data limit and being hit with hidden charges. Unlimited downloads allow you to download what you want, when you want, which is ideal for those who do a lot of downloading.

Whether it’s music, films, ebooks or games, BT Superfast Fibre allows you to enjoy fast and reliable downloads no matter what your interests are. Unlimited downloads combined with superfast speed means you’ll never be waiting around for your content to finish downloading.

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