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Fibrus promotion
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Fibrus Broadband deals

  • Full fibre broadband options
  • Minimum speeds of 96Mbps download
  • Guaranteed no price hikes

Full fibre broadband options for Northern Ireland & Northern England

Offering full fibre speeds to rural and regional areas across Northern Ireland and Northern England, Fibrus Networks Ltd aims to bridge the divide and introduce areas with poor connectivity to world-class broadband standards.

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About Fibrus

Fibrus Networks Ltd is a broadband company that delivers high-speed internet services to homes and businesses across Northern Ireland and certain regions of Great Britain. The company was established in 2018 with a primary objective of bridging the digital divide in underserved areas of Northern Ireland by offering fibre broadband connectivity of world-class standards. Over time, Fibrus Networks has expanded its services to selected areas of Great Britain and has emerged as one of the fastest-growing broadband companies in the UK.

Using cutting-edge fibre-optic technology, Fibrus Networks provides ultrafast broadband speeds of up to 1 Gbps to its customers, along with a variety of packages tailored to suit different needs and budgets, including broadband-only and broadband and phone bundles.

In addition to its residential services, Fibrus Networks also offers fibre broadband solutions for businesses, including leased line services, voice services, and cloud connectivity.

Fibrus Networks is dedicated to investing in the communities it serves and has collaborated with local councils and businesses to expand its fibre broadband services to more households and companies in the UK.

What speeds does Fibrus offer?

Fibrus is an FTTP provider, so speeds are far superior to standard UK broadband providers such as BT, Sky and TalkTalk, which mostly offer FTTC products.

The slowest product Fibrus has to offer is a download speed of 100Mbps and an upload speed of 30Mbps, which is still considerably faster than your average FTTC fibre product. 

The copper phone wires used by Openreach providers who supply you with standard FTTC are not used in the products Fibrus offer, making speeds and your internet connection much more reliable. Instead, fibre cabling is run from the telephone exchange where the internet comes from, all the way to your home! 

Do I keep a phone line if I move to Fibrus?

Unfortunately, no. Phone lines are only available with FTTC broadband deals as a copper phone wire is already connected to your home to provide you with your broadband. As Fibrus is fully FTTP and therefore only uses fibre-optic cable, you will no longer be able to have a traditional telephone line. 

However, Fibrus does offer VOIP (voice over IP) technology for just £10 a month which includes anytime calls, and Fibrus will even be able to port your number to its service free of charge. You can even keep your existing home phone so there’s no need to buy a replacement. 

If I want to join Fibrus, when should I cancel my current broadband service?

If you’re after broadband only then you should notify your current provider only once Fibrus has connected your premises to its service. 

If you are wanting to join for both broadband and VOIP you will need to ask Fibrus to request the number is moved to its own network. This action will trigger the termination of your existing landline service automatically. 

You must also advise your current provider of your intention to terminate your existing broadband contract.

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