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Plusnet Black Friday Broadband Deals

  • Superfast broadband with Plusnet Fibre
  • No upfront costs across all packages
  • Customer support 365 days a year

Get the latest deals on home broadband from Plusnet

Plusnet offers a great selection of broadband and phone packages, as well as broadband-only, and customers can choose fibre for a superfast home connection. All packages offer unlimited monthly usage, and the range of contract options ensures plenty of flexibility.

Plusnet Broadband | Our Review

Plusnet is one the UK’s most well-known broadband providers, offering a variety of broadband packages to suit every sort of user. Whether you’re someone who browses Facebook and sends a few emails or someone who downloads films and games online, Plusnet has a package for you. 

Superfast Plusnet Fibre or low-cost ADSL broadband

Plusnet offers a wide range of ADSL and Fibre packages to suit every broadband need. Users can enjoy standard ADSL broadband for a cheaper price or opt for faster fibre. You can also pair your broadband package with a phone bundle in order to get the best value on both, or take broadband on its own.

Unlimited broadband with every Plusnet package

Plusnet features unlimited downloads on all of its broadband packages, so no matter which one you choose, you can be sure you won’t be hit with charges for going over a download limit. This includes both ADSL and Fibre broadband, so you can get downloading regardless of which speed works for you.

Average 66Mbps download speed

Plusnet offers superfast Fibre Broadband, with customers getting a choice of which Fibre to go for. Plusnet Fibre Broadband comes in 2 speed tiers, including up to 36Mbps and up to 66Mbps on average. These speeds are ideal for those who do a lot of downloading and streaming - perfect for Netflix binge watchers.

Enjoy more with YouView TV and BT Sport

Customers who purchase either the Plusnet Unlimited Fibre or Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra packages also have the option to take YouView TV. This comes with 70 channels offering a great variety of content and BT Sport Lite (so BT Sport 1 and BT Sport 1 Extra) as standard.

You can expand your entertainment options even further with extra channel packs like Kids, HD and BT Sport plus all of the apps featured on your YouView box like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Plusnet Broadband Highlights

  • Unlimited downloads across the board
  • Average 66Mbps with Plusnet Fibre
  • Average 10Mbps ADSL available 
  • Bundle phone and broadband together
  • Cheaper than a lot of fibre broadband options

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