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Plusnet promotion
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Plusnet Fibre Deals

  • Up to 66Mbps average download speeds
  • Unlimited usage on all packages
  • UK based customer support

Get superfast home broadband with Plusnet Fibre

Plusnet Fibre gives you superfast broadband, so you can seamlessly stream movies, download a song in seconds and enjoy a much better overall experience online. There are some great deals on Plusnet Fibre, and all include unlimited usage.

Plusnet Fibre Broadband

Plusnet is synonymous with low-cost broadband, and its fibre packages offer superfast broadband that's competitively priced. There are different Plusnet Fibre packages available, so you can choose something ideally suited to your budget and requirements, and you'll get unlimited monthly usage.

Fibre-optic broadband

Fibre-optic broadband gives you much faster download and upload speeds than standard ADSL, and you’ll find you can get much closer to the advertised maximum, on a more consistent basis. When it comes to data transfer, fibre is far better than the copper-based phone line system.

Unlimited usage

Plusnet Fibre packages come with with unlimited usage, which means there is no monthly cap on your downloads. This is great for those who regularly go online, stream movies and download music, and with files like HD films using as much as 3GB in one go, having uncapped usage is ideal.

Plusnet Fibre availability

Whilst fibre-optic broadband is not available everywhere, the rollout is ongoing, so even if your area is not connected yet, it may be in the near future. You can still check if a standard broadband deal is available, and then upgrade to fibre in the future if you’re interested in the service.

Plusnet home phone

Plusnet home phone is available to take with the Fibre packages, so you have a calls deal included with your fibre-optic broadband. Using one provider for both services is convenient and easy, and with Plusnet you are looking at a low, ultra-competitive monthly cost.

Plusnet line rental

Line rental is included in the package price, as per ASA regulations.

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