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TalkTalk Business Broadband Deals

  • Low-cost business packages
  • Unlimited download allowance
  • 12-month or 24-month contracts
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TalkTalk offers a selection of business broadband deals which are suited to SME set-ups, offering fast download speeds, unlimited monthly usage, line rental and a fixed term contract. There is also the choice to include calls, and a free wireless router is included.

TalkTalk Business | Our Review

TalkTalk offers some great deals for business broadband, with a number of packages available, and the option to take inclusive monthly calls.

TalkTalk offers both ADSL and fibre-optic broadband, so no matter whether your business needs something basic, or you want a superfast connection installed, TalkTalk will have a broadband offer to suit your needs.

Low-cost broadband and fast fibre for your business

You can choose either a standard broadband package, which uses and ADSL connection, or take fibre for a superfast connection.

With ADSL you’re getting a really cheap, ultra-competitive deal, but fibre also represents excellent value for money.

The ADSL packages offer up to 17Mbps, although the actual speed will be lower due to the effect of external factors like local traffic, whilst the fibre broadband delivers up to 76Mbps. The superior hardware used for fibre means you’ll get much closer to the advertised maximum download and upload speeds.

Every business broadband package from TalkTalk offers unlimited usage, so you won’t need to consider your business’ monthly web activity, as no cap is in place.

Unlimited UK landline and mobile calls

You have the option to take a package which includes unlimited UK landline and mobile calls. That package also offers free business call features and free premises moves, as well as a cheap price on static IP addresses.

A new line installation is free with all business broadband packages from TalkTalk, should your business need it.

Inclusive router, security and support

TalkTalk includes a router with your business package so you can set up a secure wireless network, and you get WorkSafe® network level security. Fur business customer support, there’s a 7-day UK line available to assist.

TalkTalk Business Broadband highlights

  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • Low-cost static IP addresses
  • Wireless router included
  • WorkSafe® network level security
  • Free new line installation

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