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Trooli promotion
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Trooli Broadband Deals

  • No mid-contract price hikes
  • New FTTP infrastructure
  • Friendly & available customer service

Trooli scrumptious broadband on a fantastic independent network

Trooli provides an unmatched network to provide fast and reliable full-fibre broadband straight to your home. With no price hikes and an independent network with new FTTP infrastructure, Trooli offers a service that you can trust.

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Trooli is a relatively new arrival to the full fibre broadband market, having been launched in Kent in 2018 by a former BT executive.

As an altnet provider, Trooli operates its own independent network, separate to the ones offered by Openreach and Virgin Media.

Independent network with new FTTP infrastructure

By offering their own independent network, Trooli can have more control over what they deliver to their customers.

This allows them to provide customers with an accurate speed promise, one that they feel comfortable delivering on.

Trooli installs new FTTP infrastructure directly to the customer's home, meaning no copper wires are used which results in no peak time slowdowns or caps to your download speeds. Just simply ultrafast speeds at all times.

They achieve this via the use of their own team of expert engineers who are readily on hand to install brand-new cables where needed.

Broadband for residential or business

Trooli offers fantastic FTTP broadband not just to homes but to businesses, too. They still offer true full fibre, but with their business offerings, you pay the extra per month for symmetrical upload and download speeds.

With both, you will receive a brilliantly fast router that utilises new industry-standard WiFi 6 technology, as well as free standard activation and installation.

Price fixes – No mid-contract price hikes

Many, if not all, of the major providers will tell you one thing about how much you’ll be paying each month, but at some point, they may decide to hike up your prices. It’s become common practice for them, but not for Trooli.

Trooli wants to offer their customers a brilliant service that they can trust at all times, and that’s why they offer a two-year price lock on their monthly costs, so whatever you pay when you first sign up will be what you pay for the entirety of your 24-month contract.

They have their options to choose from, each representing a fantastic value for money at a price point that easily rivals the larger competition.

Friendly & available customer service 

To top it all off, Trooli offers a brilliant customer service with friendly agents who are readily available to help you with your queries seven days a week.

Their customer support is available Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 18:00, and on weekend and bank holidays, 9:00 - 17:00.

They also have FAQs available for quick and simple fixes as well as guides, troubleshooting advice and a live chatbox.

Trooli Broadband highlights

  • Price lock for two years
  • Fast & reliable network
  • New FTPP infrastructure
  • Free standard activation & installation
  • Currently available in 18 counties & growing
  • Friendly customer service available seven days a week
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