Virgin Media promotion
Virgin Media promotion
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Virgin Media Broadband Only

  • Up to 362Mbps average speeds
  • No landline fee to pay
  • Unlimited downloads
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Get unlimited superfast fibre without a landline

With Virgin Media you can get superfast fibre broadband without the landline fee. There are no inclusive calls with Broadband-Only, and you can choose from a range of products and download speeds, including M350 for up to 362Mbps on average.

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Virgin Media Broadband Only

Virgin Media offers a leading broadband and calls service in the UK, but customers can also choose to leave out home calls and just get a great value offer on standalone superfast fibre.  There are different services to choose from, with no download limit or hidden charges, and the cost of landline is included in all subscriptions, as per ASA regulations.

Superfast fibre

Virgin Media utilises fibre-optic technology for delivering web connectivity to customer’s homes, and this means much faster, more consistent download and upload speeds.  You’ll find that your own average broadband speed is much closer to the advertised maximum than it would be with standard ADSL.

You can choose from a range of maximum download speeds, all giving you quick downloads, seamless streaming and an overall improved web browsing experience.  As long as you live in an area connected to Virgin Media’s network, you can enjoy superfast Virgin Media fibre broadband in your home.

Unlimited downloads

As part of the deal with Virgin Media, you get unlimited downloads each month.  This means there is no cap on usage, so you can stream, download and browse as much as you like, without worrying about breaching a monthly allowance.

No phone line, no inclusive calls

With Broadband Only, there is no phone line in place, so there is no line rental to pay.  Virgin Media’s fibre-optic service doesn’t use the phone line to deliver broadband, so there is no need for it, unless you want a calls subscription included.

You do have the option to take inclusive calls from Virgin Media, but then you’ll need the provider’s own phone line in place, which is available for a competitive monthly fee.

Virgin Media Super Hub

The Virgin Media Super Hub lets you set up a secure, wireless network at home, so connection is authorised by a unique code.  The Super Hub is also built to support high signal strength at longer distances, so different devices in the home can connect easily.

Virgin Media online offers

You’ll often find Virgin Media promoting offers for new customers. These can include discounts for a period of the contract, so look out for them and compare with other providers to get the best deal. You’ll also see options for upgrading, and some of these represent great value for money and are well worth considering.

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