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Virgin Media Student Broadband Deals

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  • 30-day rolling contract
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Get the best broadband for students with Virgin Media

Virgin Media offers the best broadband options for students, allowing customers to take M Fibre packages completely contract-free with rolling 30-day subscriptions. Choose broadband on its own or bundled with TV and phone.


Virgin Media Student Broadband 

Virgin Media offers the ultimate in broadband for students, with ultrafast and easy to use services making for the best partner during term time. Virgin Media’s award-winning service is reliable enough to get you and your university housemates connected for whatever you need broadband for, whether it’s downloading lecture notes, online gaming or streaming the latest shows on Netflix. Whether you want broadband on its own or as part of a bundle, Virgin Media has the right package for your student accommodation. 


M50 Fibre broadband from Virgin Media offers an average speed of 54Mbps, making it ideal for smaller households or flatshares. With M50, you’ll be able to stream your favourite content whenever you want or access online work services like Google Docs or email.


M100 is the second tier of Virgin Media’s fibre offerings, giving subscribers an average speed of 108 Mbps, so it’s ideal for student households that contain up to 9 devices. That means if you and your housemates are all streaming and downloading content at the same time, you won’t have to worry about slowdown or shortages. 


M200 offers an average of 213 Mbps, making it extremely fast and reliable for everything you do online. If you live in a household with over 10 devices in constant use, M200 is ideal, allowing you and your housemates to download and stream content all at the same time. This is combined with unlimited downloads (like all M Fibre packages) to create a premium broadband experience. 


M350 is Virgin Media’s highest tier of Fibre and gives you an average of 362 Mbps. This makes it the UK’s fastest widely available broadband - ideal for those who do a lot of downloading, online gaming or streaming in 4K consistently. M350 also comes with unlimited downloads, meaning you won’t have to worry about going over a data cap. Enjoy M350 on its own or part of TV and phone bundles.

Rolling contracts

All Virgin Media Student Broadband comes on 30-day rolling contract, meaning you won’t be tied down to a lengthy 12 or 18-month commitment. This is perfect for students as it means you can cancel when you move into different accommodation or whenever you like.

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