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Vodafone Home Broadband Deals

  • Up to 63Mbps average speed with Fibre
  • Free Vodafone Connect router
  • Broadband and Phone deals

See the latest offers on home broadband from Vodafone

One of the UK’s leading mobile providers, Vodafone now offers a home broadband service with a number of product types available. Choose from both standard ADSL and fibre deals, with superfast speeds available for busy households.

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Vodafone Home Broadband | Our Review

Well-known throughout the world for their award-winning mobile phone service, Vodafone are now offering an equally fantastic array of speedy ADSL and fibre broadband subscriptions to new and existing customers alike.    

Brilliant superfast broadband on par with some of the UK’s major providers

Vodafone are impressively able to stand toe-to-toe with some of the UK’s biggest and most established internet providers like BT and Sky with the excellent speeds offered by their ADSL and fibre subscriptions.  

They too have a nicely affordable entry-level 10Mbps on average ADSL option with unlimited usage which is effortlessly able to support a considerable volume of everyday online activities like emailing, using social media and streaming.

Similarly, their two superfast fibre subscriptions also stand at 35Mbps and 63Mbps on average respectively with completely unlimited usage and no upfront fees. Quite a bit more can be accomplished on both of these connections including sleek HD streaming to multiple devices and extensive online gaming sessions. 

A minimum contact length of 18 months is applied to all of Vodafone’s broadband subscriptions. 

Achieve a powerful and secure home network with Vodafone’s ultra-smart wi-fi router 

The Vodafone Connect wi-fi router is included with all of their broadband products and along with being very technically capable, comes with plenty of great extra features.

You can set-up a family network to prevent certain devices from accessing the internet at the touch of a button along with a guest network with or without a password for all of your visitors to enjoy. 

There’s also the boost function which conveniently acts to give one device a greater share of the wi-fi for up to 12 hours, perfect for when you’re all gathered round to stream a film or need to download something in a hurry. 

All this is done via a brilliantly simple-to-use app, free to download from both the iOS and Google Play store, which means you don’t need to have any special technical know-how. 

Call products to suit your needs

Two home call subscriptions are available from Vodafone, Anytime Landline and Mobile Calls or Evening and Weekend Calls so you’re free to catch-up with your friends and family whenever you like.

A number of useful add-ons are also available for a small extra monthly fee including voicemail, caller display, anonymous caller rejection and call waiting.  

Vodafone Home Broadband highlights

  • Achieve superfast speeds of 63Mbps on average with Vodafone’s fibre subscriptions
  • Totally unlimited usage every month
  • Boost your wi-fi signal strength and set-up a secure family network with Vodafone’s excellent home wi-fi router. 
  • Catch up on the latest news and gossip with Anytime landline and mobile calls
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