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EE Home Broadband Deals

  • Unlimited usage with no extra costs
  • Average speeds up to 67Mbps with fibre
  • Huge data boost for EE phone customers

Great deals on fast home broadband from EE

EE offers superfast 4G and the largest 3G network in the UK. EE offers a combination of broadband and fibre-optic to customers, with plenty of great value, low-cost products available and introductory incentives included.

EE Home Broadband | Our Review

EE is the UK’s no.1 mobile network, with massive 4G coverage, and its home broadband service delivers on speed as well as reliability. EE combines strong customer service with a range of deals on home broadband that make it a great choice for those looking at switching provider.

Truly unlimited broadband on all fixed plans

The fixed home broadband plans from EE offer unlimited data every month. This is ideal because there won’t be any usage caps in place, allowing for unlimited downloading every day. You won’t have to think about restricting how much music you stream or how many films you download, and on top of this EE won’t reduce your speed, even at peak times.

Superfast fibre broadband, 67Mbps on average

EE home broadband offers the option of fibre, giving you superfast download speeds of 67Mbps on average with Fibre Plus and Fibre Max, or 36Mbps on average with Fibre. You’ll pay a little more for the faster fibre product, so it’s down to whether you need the extra speed boost. Your actual average speed is going to be faster with the top subscription, but both will be enough for buffer-free streaming and rapid downloads.

There’s also the standard home broadband, which is 10Mbps on average, and this is ideal for smaller households and those who don’t want to download large files quickly, like HD movies. 

Huge data boost for mobile customers

An exclusive benefit for customer with an EE mobile contract is the data boost. EE will give home broadband customers a data boost of up to 50GB a month if they are with EE for their phone network, which is a boost worth almost £100 a month.

It’s a great perk, and an attractive incentive for customers to use EE for both their home broadband and their phone contract.

EE Home Broadband highlights

  • Truly unlimited broadband
  • Up to 67Mbps average download speed
  • Up to 7x faster than the UK standard
  • No speed throttling at any time
  • Huge data boost for EE phone customers

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