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Superfast fibre broadband from Sky

Sky Fibre Max is Sky’s fibre-optic broadband service, offering superfast download speeds and a consistent, reliable connection. Sky Fibre Max is competitively priced and you can bundle it with TV and Talk.

Sky Fibre Broadband

Sky's fibre broadband package is called Sky Fibre Max, and it offers superfast broadband with average download speeds of 63Mbps. Whilst speeds are not guaranteed due to external factors, you can be sure that you will get consistently quick downloads throughout the day.

Fibre-optic broadband

Fibre-optic broadband makes data transfer much faster, which is essential for those who love to download and stream content. You aren’t frustrated by buffering or slow download times, and the technology means that speeds are much more consistent, as well as being closer to the advertised maximum.

Unlimited downloads

Sky Fibre Max offers unlimited downloads, so there is no cap on your monthly usage. Any time you stream or download, or simply load a page, you are transferring data to your web-connected device, and with superfast broadband you’ll probably want to make the most it, so you’ll be online regularly. Unlimited downloads is a great benefit which provides excellent value for money with your fibre-optic broadband deal.

Broadband speed

Your broadband speed through fibre is going to be much faster than anything experienced through the phone line-based ADSL service. Whilst your speed might change throughout the day, you will be much closer to the advertised maximum, and you will find much more consistency with the service.

Sky TV and Sky Talk

Sky TV is a leading choice thanks to its groundbreaking sports coverage, huge selection of movies and range of quality entertainment channels. You can combine your Sky Fibre service with Sky TV for exclusive content, and you get Sky Talk for inclusive home calls.

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