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The streaming TV from Sky

  • Get Sky Glass from as little as £13 a month 
  • Sky Inside brings the best of Sky into one TV
  • Enjoy the amazing sound of Dolby Atmos 360
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Experience Sky like never before with the all-new Sky Glass.

Sky Glass integrates a whole entertainment system into one, phenomenal product. With Sky Inside, Dolby Atmos and no satellite dish necessary, Sky’s created the future of television for us all.

What is Sky Glass?

Sky’s brand-new release is the very best of Sky rolled into one, phenomenal product - Sky Glass. 

The Sky Glass television is the first-ever 4K QLED TV with all the content you’ll ever want built into it. Gone are the days of unnecessary wires, bulky sound bars and a satellite dish; with Sky Glass all you need is a power lead.

Sky Glass has completely changed the television game, removing any need for a satellite dish with only a simple connection to your home broadband needed, and as for the sound? Well the built-in Dolby Atmos 360 sound system speaks for itself, making Sky Glass the true future of home cinema.

What sizes do the Sky Glass TVs come in?

The Sky Glass TVs come in three sizes, a 43” a 55” and a whooping 65”. 

No matter the size, all the displays are the same - a 4K Ultra HD Quantum Dot with a 3840x2160 resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. All the units house the quad core ARM A55, with Dolby Vision, HDR10 video capacity, making Sky Glass not just an impressive package, but an impressive product, too. 

How much does Sky Glass cost?

Sky aimed to make Sky Glass as affordable as possible, and for what you get, we think Sky’s nailed it.  

You have the choice to buy the television upfront or pay monthly. See the Sky Glass prices below: 

Upfront costs

Small 43” - £649 

Medium 55” - £849 

Large 65” - £1049

Monthly costs

Small 43” - £13

Medium 55” - £17

Large 65” - £21

Sky packages with Sky Glass included start at £39 a month, which would include a base package of Sky Ultimate TV at £26 and then the 43” Sky Glass television at £13. 

What are the design options with Sky Glass? 

Sky Glass comes in 5 colours options: black, white, pink, green and blue. 

The accompanying stand and remote comes in the same colour as the chosen frame colour of your Sky Glass television. All Sky Glass TVs also come with an integrated mounting bracket if you’d rather fix it to your wall then use the stand it comes with. 

Sky Glass best features

Sky Inside

“One TV. One plug. One remote. Easy.”

The very best of Sky rolled into one outstanding television. Sky has taken home cinema to a level it has never been before. 

Integrated Dolby Atmos

The incredible sound of Dolby Atmos 360 is built into the Sky Glass TV, transforming your home of family entertainment into so much more than just a living room with a television in it. Experiencing all your favourite content in the highest video quality possible is one thing, but doing it with cinema-level sound is another thing altogether. 

Sky Playlist

You can choose which of your favourite tv shows is added to your Playlist, whether one show is from Netflix and the other is from Disney+. Playlist acts as a sole, central location for the programmes you know and love, and selecting a programme on the Playlist will take you to the correct app with just one click. 

What next? 

Sky Glass will deliver your brand-new TV straight to your door for free within 3-5 days in 100% recyclable packaging. You also have the option to pay for your delivery if you’d like to choose a time that suits you best. 

Upon delivery, it will be unboxed for you, and the packaging will be taken away with the delivery driver. They’ll even put it in place for you if you are using the included stand. For a wall-mounted Sky Glass TV you’ll need to call in the professionals as two people are required to lift and fix it. 

Once your brand-new Sky Glass TV is in place, just connect to your WiFi and start streaming!

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