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TalkTalk Broadband Deals

  • Unlimited fibre broadband
  • Average speeds of 36Mb or 63Mb
  • Flexible ways to pay
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Low-cost unlimited fibre broadband from TalkTalk

TalkTalk is a provider that aims to combine reliable broadband with fair, fixed pricing. As a TalkTalk customer your price will be fixed for the length of the contract, and you have the choice of fibre or standard broadband, as well as TalkTalk TV.

TalkTalk Broadband | Our Review

TalkTalk has remained a popular choice for UK customers as fibre has been rolled out across the UK. This provider has always looked to compete in terms of pricing and reliability, and has stayed competitive despite the emergence of a range of low-cost alternatives. The provider has responded to the industry’s evolution by delivering streamlined fibre packages, as well as its own TV service.

Fast, reliable fibre broadband packages

TalkTalk offers two fibre packages, both with superfast download speeds and unlimited usage. The cheaper package is Unlimited Fibre Broadband, with average download speeds of 36Mb, and you get a powerful router for secure home Wi-Fi.

For a little more each month you can get Unlimited Fibre Speed Boost, with average download speeds of 63Mb. This is ideal for homes with multiple web-connected devices regularly streaming and downloading content.

You can also get standard broadband, which is really cheap and great for those who go online sparingly just to check emails, news sites and watch short video clips.

There are extras available which you can add or remove each month. This gives you a flexible option for landline and international calls, as well as call management features and device security.

Fixed prices throughout your contract

A key feature of TalkTalk’s service is that your price is fixed throughout your contract term. A number of providers will increase your price mid-contract, and this can be frustrating for customers even if it’s only a small change.

TalkTalk’s policy of fixed prices is a promise, so you can be sure that you’ll be paying the same monthly fee for the full term. After this there may be a price change, but you’ll be free to make a decision about whether to stay or switch.

Great entertainment with TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk TV offers over 80 free channels, with 15 in HD, as well as the option to add and remove premium content like Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. 

You can pause, rewind and record live channels, and access catch-up content through on demand players. You can also rent or own the latest releases, available to watch online, on your TV or on the go.

There are TV Boosts available, which are part of the flexible extras, and these give you the option of additional content without committing long-term.

TalkTalk Broadband highlights

  • Up to 36Mb or 63Mb average download speeds, depending on package
  • Fixed prices for the length of your contract
  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • Option of TalkTalk TV, with over 80 channels, 15 in HD
  • Flexible extras for calls and TV
  • Powerful Wi-Fi router (delivery charge applies)
  • Flexible contract lengths

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