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  • Highest average speed of 63Mbps
  • Combine with TV and Calls
  • Unlimited downloads on all packages


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Superfast fibre from TalkTalk

TalkTalk Fibre offers superfast speeds alongside unlimited downloads and a reliable connection. Bundle either Faster Fibre or Faster Fibre Speed Boost with TV and Calls to create an ideal package for a busy household with multiple devices.


TalkTalk Fibre Broadband

Enjoy superfast Fibre Broadband from TalkTalk - ideal if you’re looking for a faster connection but want to stay with TalkTalk. Customers can benefit from a number of fibre packages offering fast average speeds, which you’ll be able to combine with TV and Calls to create the ultimate home broadband and entertainment package.

Faster Fibre

TalkTalk’s basic fibre package is named Faster Fibre and offers an average speed of 36Mbps. This is fast enough to handle everything you do online, including browsing, sending emails and streaming content. If you’re a busy online user, this is a better option than standard ADSL broadband. Customers can also enjoy a fixed price for the entirety of their contract.

Speed Boost

Faster FIbre Speed Boost is the faster fibre option from TalkTalk, offering a super fast average speed of 63Mbps. This is ideal for large families who all go online at once with multiple devices and is coupled with unlimited downloads, allowing you to stream and download as much content as you like.

Unlimited downloads

Both TalkTalk fibre packages include unlimited downloads as standard, meaning you won’t have to worry about going over a data limit and getting caught out by hidden charges at the end of the month. This is perfect for those who stream or download a lot of online content, including movies and TV via Netflix or music via Spotify. 

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